Week 931

2nd May 2022

Picture Round

This week the running theme is TV duos. You'll need to name the actors as well as the series they appear in. There's a Marvel superhero to recognise, some popular car brands, a popular UK magazine and a cartoon dog. It also includes our regular Pointless, Family Fortunes, face-mash, dingbat and cryptic questions. This quiz includes a handout sheet with 15 picture questions for each team as well as an answer sheet for the quiz master.

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Picture 931
TV Partnerships

General Knowledge Round

English towns, Iraqi cities, South African animals, it's a world tour of questions in this week's general knowledge round. Then a trip to some of the other planets in our solar system. Now which are the Greek Gods and which ones are Roman? I can never remember! Hopefully you can. Car makers make another appearance, so any teams with a petrol-head in their group will have no trouble.

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General Knowledge 931

Sport Round

We take a 'wander' around the English football league this week before heading to visit our friends across the pond for a couple of American sports questions, but don't worry they're nice easy ones.

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Sport 931

Film & TV Round

Some big franchises make an appearance in this week's Film & TV quiz; James Bond and Harry Potter alongside some big names from past decades like; The Flintstones, Police Academy, Lethal Weapon and Thunderbirds. Some big acting names with Bradley Cooper, Tom Hanks and Joe Pesci all on the roster. There are questions on TV comedies, a TV game show, Scooby Doo and you'll need to name the movie sequels. This round includes a question and answer sheet with 15 questions for the quiz master. It also come with a handful of tie-breaker questions to help you separate the biggest film fanatics!

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Film & TV 931