Week 854

9th November 2020

Picture Round

The theme of this week's picture quiz is superhero couples. There are partnerships from both the Marvel and DC universes to recognise. There are a couple of music questions with an album cover to recognise and a singer better known by another name. You'll also need to recognise the dog breed, a politician and the logo of a well known fashion company. It also includes our regular face-mash, dingbat and cryptic questions.

This quiz includes a handout sheet with 15 picture questions for each team as well as an answer sheet for the quiz master.

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Picture 854
Superhero Couples
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General Knowledge Round

This week's General Knowledge round includes a couple of Geography questions including some historical names for countries, an American city, countries with the largest armies and an Asian flag. We've got questions on collective nouns, spelling, Monopoly, religion and IKEA.

This round includes a question and answer sheet with 15 questions for the quiz master. It also comes with a handful of tie-breaker questions to help you separate the top teams.

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General Knowledge 854
£2.00 FREE!