Week 929

18th April 2022

Picture Round

The running theme in this week's picture round is TV crime fighting partnerships from across the decades. You'll need to put the popular TV comedies in the correct order, there's a question on The Simpsons, Indiana Jones and a well known company logo. It also includes our regular Pointless, Family Fortunes, face-mash, dingbat and cryptic questions. This quiz includes a handout sheet with 15 picture questions for each team as well as an answer sheet for the quiz master.

Polaroid camera on a light blue background
Picture 929
TV Crime Fighters

General Knowledge Round

Can you hear me? What about now? Mobile phones are a common sight these days, but how long have they been around? If you're not sure about that one you may reconsider applying for The Chase. Hopefully you know your chasers though ready for this week's general knowledge round.

Blue fridge magnet question mark on a pink background
General Knowledge 929

Sport Round

Can you remember as far back as the African Cup of Nations? If not, maybe you'll do better with one of the questions on horse racing or the winter olympics. Our American friends make an appearance with one on basketball and one on American Football. Play ball!

Black and white football on a white background
Sport 929

Film & TV Round

Show me the money baby! Jerry Maguire or Austin Powers? You decide in this week's Film & TV round. There's the obligatory Friends question plus an appearance from Indiana Jones and Batman. You're also going to need to know your movie sequels. Good luck!

Clapperboard with popcorn pouring out of it on a yellow background
Film & TV 929