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Film & TV Week 984

Challenge your trivia prowess with these captivating pub quiz questions! Immerse yourself in the enchanting country where 'The Sound of Music' is set and journey into animated TV series featuring lovable family dogs like 'Santa's Little Helper,' 'Brian,' and 'Astro.' Test your soap opera knowledge as you uncover the pub named 'The Dog in the Pond,' and put your movie expertise to the test by arranging 1990s films in chronological order. Unveil the real name of a Marvel superhero and explore Stephen Fry's versatile roles in a TV series. Determine the chronological order of US TV series 'The Fresh Prince' and 'Home Improvement' and identify the director of the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy. From notorious movie killers to beloved sitcom characters, this quiz covers a wide range of topics. Prepare for an engaging quiz night with these intriguing questions!

Released: 8th May 2023

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